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Innovation in the ferry industry

Interferry annual conference features prominent speakers...

Interferry’s 42nd annual conference takes place this coming October, in Split, Croatia, and promises to be another successful event where the industry comes together, networks and learns about the latest and best practices applicable to worldwide ferry operators.

Customer Service, Ship Technologies and Safety are the key themes for the conference, and the glue that holds them all together is innovation — looking at new, different and better ways to conduct the daily business of ferry operations. Sessions will examine topics as diverse as changes to the industry through digital technology, use of big data, customer-facing communications, building the customer experience, new ship technologies and why safety makes good business sense.

Mike Corrigan, CEO of Interferry, is responsible for putting together the conference speaker’s program and couldn’t be more pleased about the four keynote speakers he has attracted for the 2017 conference — Markku Mylly, from the European Maritime Safety Agency, Brent Perry from Plan B Energy Storage, David Rowan, WIRED Magazine’s U.K. Editor, and John Wright of WrightWay.

“To say that I am excited about the program we are putting together would be an understatement,” said Corrigan. “Annually, the Interferry conference is an opportunity for our members, their staff and others to learn from our speakers — and from one another — business practices that move their companies and the industry forward.”

In addition to talking about their areas of expertise, the keynote speakers will focus on what’s here now, and what’s coming next. They will use their considerable knowledge and time in their profession to flavour their presentations with the kind of stories that delegates will find are worth retelling.

Markku Mylly is Executive Director of the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA). He is responsible for overseeing the organization that arguably has one of the greatest impacts on current and future safety regulations and standards in the world. Mylly will speak about what’s new in vessel safety, what’s coming next, as well as provide a status update on current EMSA initiatives. With safety being one of Interferry’s top priorities, having such a qualified speaker on the subject will be a real draw for delegates.

Brent Perry is a world leader in development and implementation of alternative, environmentally friendly fuel sources for the shipping industry, and specifically the ferry industry. He started Corvus Energy in Vancouver in the late 2000s, turning it into one of the most successful companies of its kind in the industry. He left Corvus to start up PBES (Plan B Energy Solutions), a company with offices in Norway and Vancouver. Perry is a visionary regarding how ferries in the future might get their energy sources, and will share what he knows with conference delegates. With the recent recommitment by the majority of countries around the globe to the Paris Accord, Perry’s comments couldn’t be timelier.

David Rowan, is Editor-at-Large and founding Editor-in-Chief of WIRED’s U.K. edition. While new to the ferry industry, his talk will be remembered long after the conference is over. Rowan is a futurist and spends much of his time travelling the globe and speaking with inventors, entrepreneurs and scholars in the technology space — people like the founders of LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, WhatsApp and more — about the next big thing that will materially affect the way we live and work. Rowan will apply his knowledge and perspective to the ferry industry, which will help prepare delegates for a future they may not have yet contemplated.

John Wright, Managing Director of WrightWay rounds out the conference’s keynote speakers. Wright is an expert in helping companies change their safety cultures. He has been instrumental working as a core member of BC Ferries’ team for almost a decade. Through his work with a number of companies over various industries, he has observed the relationship between the safest run companies being the best run and most financially successful. Wright will talk about what it takes to transform an organization into a “just” safety culture.

The Interferry conference speaker’s program is October 9 - 10 with a hosted welcome reception on Sunday, October 8. Conference organizers have also organized pre-tours on Saturday, October 7, and Sunday, October 8, with an Interferry Regatta scheduled for Sunday afternoon. Spouse and partner tours have been planned for the Monday and Tuesday. For complete updated information and to register to attend the 42nd Annual Interferry Conference, visit InterferryConference.com.

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